Döntések és stratégiák hátterében

Személyre szabott kutatási megoldásokon keresztül az innovativitást fejlesztjük: vezetői döntéseket, fejlesztési elképzeléseket, stratégiákat alapozunk meg, követünk nyomon és igazolunk vissza. A Kutatólabor a Kreater Társadalmi Innovációs Ügynökség piac- és véleménykutató részlege. 


Researchlab is the market and opinion researcher segment of the Kreater Social Innovation Agency. Market and public opinion research is one of the key instruments for developing and enhancing innovativeness; another is updating business operations with innovative ideas. That is what Researchlab supports with its professional research services, the planning and execution of qualitative and quantitative researches. We make the everyday operations, the development of products and services, marketing, communication and social responsibility more innovative.

The goal of our research is always to enhance introspection and enable a more self-conscious mode of operation. We help lay the foundations for, to track and verify executive decisions, development designs and business plans. Researchlab co-operates closely with Kreater Social Innovation Agency, which – to complement the empirical research – supports the client and individual projects and campaigns with background analyses, by channelling ideas, organising professional and community brainstorming sessions, as well as the identification of suitable partners.

Researchlab offers a full scale of market and public opinion research services to its customers. In addition to identifying with precision the research area and the appropriate methodology and executing the research, our advice also aims to help decision-makers to practically implement the insights and ideas emanating from the research. We design and execute market and public opinion research that underlies business strategies and strategic decisions, and also research that is based on such strategies and strategic decisions.

Researchlab market and public opinion research services ensure the basis of innovation – reveal the feedback of others and support the self-reflection. Our research staff boasts longstanding experience and offers clients efficient help in the following areas:

•    Qualitative research (interview, focusgroup, InsightLab)
•    Quantitative research (personal/phone/online surveys) 
•    Social context and market mapping
•    Target group exploring
•    Social Media Monitoring
•    Desk research
•    Monitoring competitors
•    Product and services development
•    Customer satisfaction surveys
•    Corporate and residential research
•    Testing customer service channels and points
•    Internal research
•    Data mining, customer segmentation
•    Call centre services (helpdesk, telemarketing campaigns, etc.)
•    Recruitment

Every research need is unique. Let’s see yours! 

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Contact: researchlab@kreater.hu 


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